I recently finished running the Two Oceans’ half-marathon, held every over the Easter weekend in Cape Town. Oh. My. Word. WHAT an amazing race it is!

As difficult as it is running a half-marathon (especially in my case, as rugby takes up the time I could spend training for long-distance running), it is the most rewarding feeling afterwards. To know that I’ve rightfully earned my spot on the couch, and the beer in my hand later in the day is a great feeling.

Even though it’s still early days in my running career, I’m pretty stoked that I’m able to make some ground in the times I’m pushing out. This is my second Two Oceans’ race, and I’ve managed to bring my time down from 1h54m from last year, to 1h50m this year. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but believe me, I felt every minute of it!

And to cap it off, the organisation on the part of Old Mutual, Puma, and the other sponsors involved was absolutely fantastic! Compared to last year, where there seemed to be very little organisation involved, this year was an absolute breeze. The expo (we went to register on the Friday before the race) had so much to see, and the actual registration process was incredible – I don’t think it took us much longer than about five or ten minutes to do the registration, from start to finish. The only bleak part about this process was that there was no Kauai at the event, and the Kauai in Constantia Village was closed (due it being Good Friday). Somehow, Woolworths’ smoothies just don’t compare to Kauai!

Anyways, to sum it up, the 2010 Old Mutual Two Oceans’ Marathon was an absolutely beautiful race, which has an incredible number of supporters, and some of the most beautiful scenery available in South Africa. As was the case last year, I’m incredibly stoked to have been a part of yet another amazing race on offer in Cape Town! SO looking forward to next year’s race!

Edit: After watching some of the race on TV, I would have to say congratulations to the guy (can’t remember his name) on completing his 40th (yes, that’s right – 4 x 10 races) ultra-marathon. That’s 40 56km races. That’s basically every single Two Oceans ultra since its inception (except for the first year). That’s insane!