Wonderful news! I always knew that A Small Orange (the hosting company that this blog, and any other sites that I host are hosted with) was awesome, but they just got even more awesome!

I’m used to working with Hetzner, the South African hosting company that I have to deal with every day at work. I’m not a big fan of them – they are too fickle in the way they work, and can sometimes take more than a day to respond to an urgent request. However, A Small Orange has been nothing but absolutely amazing in their customer service. They respond within two hours (generally – unless there’s really high demand in the support centre, in which case tehy respond in like four hours), and are always willing to help. Plus, they have unlimited everything.

So, back to the original point. I logged in this evening, only to find out that my hosting space had increased, as had my bandwidth allowance. Slightly sceptical, I checked their website, and it confirmed it – storage space has doubled, and bandwidth allowance has increased by 50%! That’s a huge increase, all for the same price!

And one of the coolest things about A Small Orange? They don’t oversell their space. What you pay for is exactly what you’re able to get. Seriously, if I could ever recommend a hosting company, and overseas latency wasn’t an issue for you, then A Small Orange would be it. Definitely! Yays for freebies!