I’ve often found, when developing front-end applications, that there are some useful little Javascript bookmarklets that make my life so much easier. In order to not have to keep tracking them down, I figured I’d create a little repository of these bookmarklets that I’ve found. The fact that it might help other developers is an added bonus :)

If you have any more, please send them my way, and I’ll add them to the page.


Radio button unchecking:
Unchecks all radio buttons on a page (very useful for testing validation scripts):


Reloads all the CSS on the page, on the fly – means you don’t need to reload the entire page to view CSS changes.


ReclaimPrivacy.org’s Facebook Privacy checker
Checks your privacy settings for your Facebook profile, and alerts you if some of your settings are too public.


Wearepandr’s Colour Bookmark
Determines the colour palette of the web page you’re on.