After I proposed to my fiancé, Jacqui, we both decided it would be really nice to have a professional photo shoot done. So, about two weeks ago, we had such a shoot. We shot in a variety of locations, starting out in front of the St James beach houses, moving on to the Kalk Bay harbour wall, and eventually ending up at the V&A Waterfront in time to catch the sunset.

It was really windy the entire day (except for when we were in the Waterfront), and the clouds were letting through the sun every now and then. Certainly some tricky photographic situations! But, the photographer really did pull through, and he managed to deliver some amazing photos, that both Jacqui and I are thrilled with!

I’ve uploaded some photos to Flickr below. Take a look through them , and let me know what you think. In case you’re wondering, the photographer is a certain Wesley Vorster. He’s a really nice guy, and an even better photographer. You can check him out on Facebook, Twitter or through his website.

Update: Wesley has put our photos up on his website. You can see some more photos there –

[flickr album=72157625132181128 num=30 size=Square]